ideation of jollibee foods production​

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ideation of jollibee foods production​

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Jollibee came to Four Winds with the goal to adopt a more efficient solution to their menu boards. Their current system is a problem because it takes a very long time to implement a simple menu change across all of their locations. With the Four Winds Content Manager software, it will be much easier for them to do this.

In addition to menu boards, the leaders at Jollibee are also very interested in the potential to leverage our product to expand on their digital marketing– specifically when it comes to social media. The Jollibee marketing team has access to an incredible amount of data related to their customers feelings towards Jollibee and their competitors. They use this data to create unique and engaging digital marketing campaigns. Jollibee is making waves with it’s viral campaigns including YouTube shorts and Instagram contents. To help explore the possibilities with how we can showcase and drive these campaigns, we invited them to our office to hold a design strategy session.

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